WizHUD: Overlay HEM stats in SNG Wizard

Update – June 2010: v1.45 released, support for HEM v1.11.

Update – April 2010: v1.44 released, with large speed improvements!

Update – Mar 2010: v1.43 released, with minor fix to send-to-nash tool.

Update – Jan 2010: v1.42 bug fix released!

Update Dec 09: If you’re Italian, you might want to try this forum post, for details on setting up and using wizhud (registration required).

On this page: About Register Download Changes.

WizHUD is a HUD overlay for SNG Wizard, drawing data from your HEM database. It works automatically when you load up any game view in SNG Wizard. If any player data is found, then a HUD is overlayed on to the SNG Wizard window.


If you play SNGs seriously then you’ll know how important game review is in SNG Wizard, and that one of the biggest drawbacks is being readless when reviewing your play. With this add-on, you get filtered stats along with note icons and text notes all from your HEM database.

The software is free for the basic version. With that you get unlimited use, hud stats on all opps with vpip and pfr data, and some handy shortcuts for navigating wiz. But for a small donation of $16 gets you lots of rad awesome cool features – like loads of new stats, full hud customisation, filtering by # of players, instant nash calculations using holdemresources.net, HEM notes and note icons, and lots more.


To register, preferred payment is through pokerstars or fulltilt. Send your 16 american dollars to hood34 on pokerstars. Then please send me your stars name, your email, and the key code you find in Options > Register, and I’ll give you registration details to unlock the advanced features. Contact details on the about page. If you can’t pay through pokerstars, I can accept full tilt transfer – send transfer through to hood99.

Alternatively, I can take paypal payments, which will accept any credit card as payment. Enter in your key code below and click buy it:

Key code

Please note that due to high paypal transaction costs, the cost is $18 if paying through paypal. Once I get the payment, I will contact you with your registration key.

Read me!

Please note that your key code will only work on one machine configuration. If you change user, reinstall your operating system, reformat, upgrade to windows 7 etc, your key will stop working. Registering entitles you to TWO keys. So if you want to install wizhud on a 2nd machine, or your computer blows up, send me an email with your new key code. If you need a third, you will have to purchase a new license!. There is no way to invalidate old codes.


Download WizHUD version 1.45





v1.42 re-release:
I received a couple of reports that some virus scanners were reporting the software contained a trojan. The compression software I was using often raises red flags with virus scanners. So I have repackaged wizhud 1.42 without the UPX compression. The result is a slightly larger download, but no false positive results (click to see Jotti results giving full bill of health for the 1.42 zip file).

Just to be clear – there was never any trojan in the software. However, some virus scanners gave false positives. So I recompiled WizHUD so no false positives were given. Thanks to those who made me away of the issue.








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