Poker Evolution - Equilab

The author has since discontinued the software, and it can no longer be run

Equilab is now available again on!

Equilab main window I just came across a new tool called Equilab from the PokerEvolution website (update: now Equilab). The site and instructions are in German, but the software is in English.

It’s pretty much a pokerstove clone with some nice additional features (or, to be more precise, it actually seems to be a clone of this PokerStrategy Tool, which in itself is a suped-up 'stove). If offers much faster enumeration and monte-carlo calculations. One of the big improvements over stove is the hand selection tool, which has a great interface for suit selection (hold down the ALT key), custom ranges that can be saved and modified, entry by vpip/pfr, and min/max sliders.

Hand range selection in Equilab

There’s also an interesting “Scenario Analyser” that shows how your equity changes on each turn card. Click on a turn card and it will run the same equity graph for all rivers:

Scenario Analyser in Equilab

Seems like a no-brainer to replace my old pokerstove with this shiney new thing. It appears to do everything stove can do at the same speed, with an enhanced interface and a couple of extra bells.

Download Equilab

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